Mint Dragon is an event dedicated to the art of miniatures hobby. Regardless your experience or preferences you will find something new and fascinating there!

Mint Dragon will be held at the Large-Scale Hobby Festival SHTUKA
12 Categories
36 winners
1 Gran-Prix
Paint and Take,
Mint Dragon Features:
for the painters of any level
Workshops and
demo painting
Miniatures of all
kinds and genres
where everyone can paint a miniature and take it away
Authors of the best works at the competition will get unique awards and prizes from sponsors, and every participant will get a souvenir.

The visitors will be able to see the creation of the miniature masterpiece, from the idea to the final result.

If you are new to the hobby or you have never tried to paint miniatures, Mint Dragon School will help you to make your first steps in this exciting journey.

Rules and Guidelines for the Competition
Mint Dragon competition is mostly dedicated to the painting of the miniatures of any genres and kinds, from fantasy and steampunk to sci-fi and historical miniatures.

The competition is divided to 12 categories, we tried to embrace all the variety of the gaming and non-gaming miniatures. Whatever you paint — a huge dragon, zombie horde or a Napoleon bust — all of it will fit to a certain category.

Another feature of our competition is that in the most categories the participants may submit a display which includes up to 5 works that fit to one of the categories. Only one work will be judged, chosen by the judges. If you can't choose from your works — bring them all!

● 12 Categories
● Displays
● Participation fee RUR200
Other Judges
Meet the Judges
Mint Dragon Exhibition
Here the painters can show their works that didn't fit to the contest for some reason. In addition, here you will see the works by the painters who will judge the competition, make the workshops and demo-paintings.

Here the collectors can show their miniatures. Collections may be submitted anonymously.

This part of the exhibition is for those who do the commission painting. Here they can provide information about them and all the contacts for anyone who wish to place an order.
Exhibition by Painters
If you would like to participate in the exhibition please fill one of the forms below and our managers will contact you.

Workshops by top painters.
Demo paintings
Here you will be able to watch the painters at work and ask them questions.
Mint Dragon School
Here you can paint a miniature and take it away. This is a great chance to familiarize with hobby if you have never tried painting miniatures.
Mint Dragon Shop
Here you can buy everything for your hobby. Vallejo paints, brushes and tools, and merchandise by Mint Dragon
What you will see along with the Competition and Exhibition:
Central House of Artists
3rd Floor
Take left after the escalator
Mint Dragon

Mint Dragon will be held
on 2-3 of September 2017
at the Central House of Artists
Oktyabrskaya or Park Kultury metro station.
119049 Krymsky Val, 10
Kirill Kanaev
Chief Judge
During his 20+ years painting experience Kirill won at least once at all the main painting competitions in the world: Golden Demon, Monte San Savino Show, World Model Expo, Сrystal Brush, Hussar etc. Many of his works are an example and inspiration for those who seek success in miniatures painting.

Kirill's masterclasses are successfully held in Italy, Germany, Spain and US. He is the top ranked painter at the largest miniatures gallery CoolMiniOrNot and Putty&Paint website.

Сonstantine Sudin
Together with Kirill Kanaev your Mint Dragon works will be judged by a famous Russian painter specialized in historical miniatures — Konstantin Sudin. Konstantin created a world-known brand — First Legion!

After 30 years of work in this part of the hobby he made his name and won numerous prizes at the largest shows around the world like Duke of Bavaria, Euromilitaire, Mondial de la Miniature, Zinnfiguren Borse. Collectors and painters from various countries appreciate his branded miniatures!

Matt Cexwish
Special Guest
Matt Cexwish is an artist, sculptor and architect from Berlin. Matt is famous for his large-scale projects, meticulous work on details and for the overall image of his works. He is the winner of a dozen Golden Demon awards, including Slayer Sword, and many competitions like Crystal Brush, Monte San Savino Show and others.

Marina Ainagoz
Marina is one of the top fantasy miniatures painter in Russia. Her unique style and skill for painting textures and faces is among the best in the world, so it is not a surprise that she won numerous prizes at such competitions as Hussar, WarCrow, Monte San Savino Show and Duke of Bavaria.

Anna Shestakova
Anna Shestakova (Ija) — is a great example of an amazing painter who didn't transform her hobby into a job.

Anna spends her free time on painting, and she is regularly winning prizes at international shows, but also she often comes there to be a judge and to make some workshops and seminars.

She has numerous awards from Golden Demon, Monte San Savino Show, Scale Model Challenge, Duke of Bavaria, Euromilitary and other European competitions.

Marko Miladinovic & Aleksandra Cvetanovski

Marko and Alexandra are Serbian artists and designers from Belgrad. Though they have started painting miniatures only two years ago, they have already won prizes at such top events as Duke of Bavaria, Scale model Challenge, Moson Model Show и Athens Miniature Show. Moreover, at the moment they collaborate with several minatures manufacturers like Aradia Miniatures, Kabuki Studios and Durgin Paint Studio.

Mint Dragon and Geek Wars shop

Merchandise, products for painters and products by the main partners of the event
Demo painting

Here you will be able to watch the painters at work and ask them questions.
Mint Dragon School

Here you can paint a miniature and take it away. This is a great chance to familiarize with hobby if you have never tried painting miniatures.
Products by Mint Dragon partners
Mint Dragon 2017 Competition and the Exhibition by painters.
Here you will see all the works of the competition and the works by painters that didn't get to the competition
"La Bande en Parade" Competition, Exhibition by collectors and studios
Here you will see Wyrd miniatures competition and works from private collections and studios
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